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Life is always changing. Changes may be planned or unexpected, but they all present opportunities to grow and move on to new experiences. I’ve found that it’s best to live simply to get the most out of life. To me, living simply means living only with what you love. If you have too much clutter, it can make it difficult to move on. Simplifying what you own can make room for new experiences! Reduce clutter to live a better life. Organize to be efficient. I’m here to help when overwhelm, confusion, fear, or lack of time get in the way. I am Terri Welcyng, and I’m here to help you organize and simplify your life. 



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About Me


Passionate, Determined, Talented, Self-Disciplined, Faithful

I am a professional organizer who believes Home is where the Heart Is. To me, that means our place where we can be at peace to love and enjoy the people and things that surround us.  

I have a talent for planning, organizing, and coordinating activities for the benefit of others.  I enjoy making homes neat and tidy, removing unused surplus, and redirecting goods to family or non-for-profit agencies to help others in need. It takes time and effort to pay attention to all the details, and I do so with care.  I enjoy spending time with others to help them make decisions how best to organize their homes, and guiding them on how to best manage time and money.

I believe my purpose in life is to help others through life changes by simplifying the things they own and creating a place for everything. My hope is that these transitions will help clients: 

  • Appreciate their home and everything within it
  • Create spaces that are enjoyed
  • Become more efficient to live a better life

My business is rooted in my faith. Life is too short to be knee deep in things that are no longer appreciated! I am inspired to help refine and simplify, making room for new growth through transitions that bring joy.  You deserve to love the way you live!


See Change Differently

We are all part of a larger world, and sometimes it takes us a bit to understand our place within it. I’m conscientious of how blessed my family and I have been, and very aware of the need in our communities and all over the world. It’s troubling to see so much waste. Making the life changing decision to simplify our cluttered living spaces may relieve stress in one’s life and may help one feel better knowing their donations help others. It's important to have a plan for all that stuff that doesn't bring you joy. Your donations can help support people in need that deserve to live better. There are a number of local charities that accept in-kind donations. I will provide assistance to document your donations and help get them to the charity of your choice. Work with Life Changing Organizing Solutions to Change Lives! 


Giving Back to our Communities

I am committed to giving back to our community, and helping to improve the lives of children.  A portion of my profits will be donated to Sleep in Heavenly Peace, an organization that assembles, builds, and delivers bunk beds to children in need. 

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